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Why Choose Us?

We just don’t want to move your goods from A to B, we want to understand your business model and find a solution to fit your requirements. Our competitors want to tell you the way it should be done. We listen to your needs to provide workable solutions within the criteria of global legislation that are cost effective and above all efficient. We have a reputation of excellence which helps us stand out from the crowd.

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To make the world more connected for our customers and their customers

Whatever your delivery needs are large or small, we will have the perfect solution just for you.

Our experienced ocean freight team work in partnership with an extensive network of accredited partners

With our well-established network we can provide our customers with a secure, competitive and timely transportation.

project shipment

Project Shipments

Contact us to find out how we can provide a seamless and efficient solution for you.

Documentation Advice from OOG flat-racks to ship and aircraft charters we can provide the complete logistics solution, including;

Customs Clearance

Very Often a complex area of logistics and can leave many companies got frustrated of having goods stuck at customs with no end in sight. Well you don’t see you in this situation as our in-house team of Customs Specialists simply thrive on this challenge.We also provide impartial advice on Customs Procedures. This value-added service helps our clients save time, money.

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